INTRODUCTION: The god of a dimension and the creator of all that is inside it is called a Zion. The gods are mortal in their land of Vodus (even the Zion), if a mortal can find the gateway to Vodus known as (on the planet of Murth) a Zhov. There is only one neverending uiverse in Thodor. All planets in Thodor contain intelligent beings; planets are ruled over by gods. Demigods may take control over new planets or feud with other gods to take control of said planet. In the Peaceful Time, the Zion of Thodor, Thodus, governed the gods and made sure that they were not abusing their inhabitants. 

This did not please the gods who decided to start a rebellion of angels and demigod generals against their creator thus starting the Great Vodusian War which lasted over 7000 years. It ended with the murder of Thodus and the rise of a new Zion to the throne, Diodus the Treacherous. Diodus committed terrible oppressions against the galaxies and their inhabitants. He was overthrown after a 34 year reign and subsequently banished to Dirmor for all eternity. This lead to the gods to never again decide, or agree, on a Zion of all of Thodor. Though many failed conquests by gods have attempted to claim it by force; none have succeeded.

The planet of Murth has been ruled by a god known as Koth a righteous strict being that punishes all who falter majorly to Dirmur the molten moon of Mursh. All mortals posess a life source known as a Krinth, when a mortal dies Koth decides the fate of the Krinth as to go to Merlug or the moon Numis, a land of eternal riches and indulgent glutony. For many ions the men of Murth lived according by the rule of Koth and were god-fearing in nature; for if they did not obey they would be banished to Dirmor and punished for all eternity. Then in the year 24,859 another god lay claim to Murth, his name was Ramis. Ramis was one of the few man-gods; he was originally a man but he was assumed into godhood for having a perfect life. This was a rule of the universe established by the first Zion, Thodus. 

Ramis believed that man should have the right to choose evil or good and not be rewarded or punished for it; as it was the god who made them imperfect. Fearing his own power was in jeopardy, Koth banished the now immortal Ramis back to Earth. Koth did not take the idea of Ramis' influence on the mortals seriously at first, something that ended up being one of his biggest mistakes as he would soon materialize on Murth to start an insurgency against the oppression of Koth and thus beginning our tale of Gods and mens and the struggles between them. Here we will learn of the land of Mursh.